Posted by: Helen Gobble | January 12, 2011

Remembering the book signing


In 2004, at the Bristol Public Library for a book signing, listening as my daughter discussed the publication process, I picked up on a piece of information she had not previously shared with me. It seems she had remembered a short poem and tried to find its source on line and was unable to find it. And then she said, “Imagine how I felt when I realized that I began to read my mother’s writing as a child, right there with that little poem.”

Oh the wonder for me to realize she remembered it! I think this set the tone for the evening. The book signing had a good turnout with family, friends, church family, TV coverage, and quite a few books sold. I felt so blessed. I’m sure that the Christmas spirit has not totally subsided. May the essence of the little poem bless you also:


We find a wondrous story in the pages of God’s Word
I’m sure the oxen wondered at the things they saw and heard.
For it was in a stable a little child was born,
The Light of heaven’s glory a stable did adorn.
And shepherds came and found Him, the Child so sweet and fair.
I’m sure the oxen wondered as the scene unfolded there.
For I was filled with wonder when I was made to know
That God would not have sent Him if He hadn’t loved me so.

Poem published in Bits and Pieces and More, Helen Gobble, 2004, p. 2



  1. This poem was part of a Christmas program in which Mom wrote all of the parts for the children to recite.

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