Posted by: Helen Gobble | February 2, 2011

Be My Valentine

Job 38:22 speaks of the treasures of the snow, but we seem to more enjoy the pleasures of the snow. And Proverbs 23:26 says “My son, give me thine heart.” And this leads up to Valentine’s Day, just around the corner.

Be My Valentine

When we say “Be my Valentine,” just stop and think a minute.
This old and oft repeated phrase what meaning is there in it?
The “Be” and “my” are clear as day, one syllable, one meaning.
But “Valentine,” this word of love, toward poetry is leaning.
So let us analyze this word as bit by bit we view it.
We’ll take the lace and frills away, why, see, there’s nothing to it.
A Valentine is just a heart, without the decoration.
Now we can paraphrase this line with our new revelation.
And so we say, “Give me your heart,” words born of love divine,
As God himself calls out to man, “Come unto me, be mine.”

Here close to Valentine’s Day the snow might stage another grand performance, with large feathery flakes laying down soft white billowy blankets over the countryside, but wasn’t this last one beautiful?

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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