Posted by: Helen Gobble | April 27, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

I’d stopped at the mailbox and got to the door
When my four-year-old let out a big roar:
“Hurry hurry Mom come with me!
You won’t believe it you just gotta see,
Look what a mess she made in the kitchen.
Dontcha think she outa have a good switchin’?
Look at the table you can’t get to it.
What in the world ever made her do it?”
The kitchen truly was a disaster…
I could clearly see, but my mind was faster.
She, my pre-teen, with joy in her eyes,
cried “Mommie, Mommie, surprise! surprise!”

It was a surprise in more ways than one,
I patted the head of my still-shrieking son.
Then I reached out my arms and he snuggled right in,
Not comprehending how I could grin.
I lifted him high so he could see,
What really wasn’t quite clear to me…
A chocolate cake… I think — “Thank you Dear,”
I said, as I swiped at a tear.

Four arms wrapped around me, holding me tight.
Two sweet faces were filled with delight.
I hugged them and sent them along to play,
And tackled the mess with some little dismay.
As I tidied and swept and scrubbed and cleaned
And savored the lesson I had just gleaned.
How often have I messed up — big time?
And God turned it all into something sublime.

From Bits and Pieces and More, p. 95

Have a Happy Mother’s Day!



  1. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

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