Posted by: Helen Gobble | August 16, 2011

Comments on the Appalachian heritage

Editor’s note: this post transcribed from audio recording of Helen Gobble, commenting on the previous post.

The Thomas family lived in Pulaski, and we went up to Glade Springs and picked blackberries and just had a big time. And we went up and visited at the grandparents’ house in Pulaski. We had another relative that lived up there in Pulaski. I can’t remember their relation, but they would always visit too, coming back and forth. I am trying to think of a specific event that I remember, but I think I was too little to remember most of it. I was hanging along behind my Mom’s coattail, picking berries along with them, you know. They would come to Bristol sometimes, and they would all have a good time. He drove a truck back and forth to visit.

We had some relatives in Glade Springs, too, and I can’t remember exactly where some of the rest of them lived. But I do have that Appalachian heritage. Actually I would not want to ever leave this area. I would never want to leave this area for any other place they could point out to me in the world. If they’d give me a free ticket to go, I wouldn’t want to leave because I think it is a privilege to be an Appalachian.

My father was in the back-up music with the Carter Family, with the guitars. Of course I don’t know much, I was too little to remember. My brother David had a band. They had a wagon that they had their instruments in, and they went out and played for different places. And his wife Nancy is still singing in the Bristol Senior Choir. Nancy said that she doesn’t know if there’s an instrument anywhere that David can’t play. We told him that he couldn’t play a horn, since he had never tried, but a few minutes after he picked it up, he could play it. He has a keyboard and a large piano. And Nancy said that she has lost count of how many guitars he has. And my brothers George and Billy can sing and play guitar also. They get together once in a while, and play at family reunions.


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