Posted by: Helen Gobble | August 28, 2011

RuthAnne’s comment reminded me

A comment made by my youngest daughter, RuthAnne, who is now a minister, about the poem “Appalachian Heritage” caused me to remember the poem “She’s Such a Little Girl,” which appears below. But first, this story about the poem:

Ruthie worked then at Joy Ranch. They were almost ready to send out their little booklet, and she called me to see if I would write a poem to be considered for inclusion in the issue. I said I would try. She didn’t offer any suggestions so I was on my own. She called one day and said, “Anything?”

And I said, “Not a thing.”

Then I asked “Girl or boy?” And she replied “either one.”

There were a couple of other calls, and it was close to the deadline. I said a prayer about it that night.

Suddenly it was 3:00 a.m., and I was wide awake with words, words, and more words, so quickly it surprised me. I had learned years ago not to say “I’ll do that in the morning.” Too many mornings had come when I could not remember even one pitiful word of a beautiful arrangement of words.

While writing this poem, I grabbed a handful of words — one phrase was “scampering their place to find,” now a line in another poem titled “Bits and Pieces, which appears on page 195 of my book.

I think I was back in bed in record time after repeating “Lord, I can’t write that fast” a dozen or more times. I had to wait to tell Ruthie, but I said “Thank you, Lord,” and went back to sleep.

Here is the poem:

She’s Such a Little Girl

Lord, she’s just a little girl
Stepping out into my world
With great wide staring wounded eyes
That make her look so worldly wise
And much too old for such a little girl.

She’s such a little girl
Lord, she’s such a frightened girl
Looking out upon my world
A tight-lipped question in her face
Like what am I doing in this place?
Can I go home? I’m such a little girl.
She’s such a little girl.

Lord, she’s such a quiet girl
Never speaking, not a word
I’ve tried but now I’ve turned to You
There must be something You can do.
“I have,” He said,”I sent her to your world.
Now love this little girl.
She’s such a little girl.”

Note: This poem by Helen Gobble was not included in her book.



  1. …so perfect…

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