Posted by: Helen Gobble | September 8, 2011


In early 2002 I called a friend. I was just flipping through my phone file as I talked to someone else. Her name “stood out,” so I called her. We exchanged greetings and pleasantries for a moment or so and she said, “I’m so glad you called me,” and proceeded to tell me this story:
I got your card. I don’t usually open my personal mail when I get it, I put it in a place beside my bed and leave it until bedtime so I can be alone and savor it — just as I go to bed — in privacy.
My father had died the day before. I was so low. When I opened your card and read it — and the little enclosed tract — the tears just broke like a dam, and I thought they would never stop. It was so unreal, it was so wonderful! There in your card were the very words my father had always used, “For we know that all things work together for good to those who love the Lord…” Later, I showed it to my sister, and she asked how did you know — of course you didn’t — but God did. And He knew I would read that card. And the timing was perfect. It was so awesome. You’ll never know just what that meant to me. We rejoiced together. And I still marvel at the gracious provision of my wonderful loving God.
As I hung up the phone thoughts chased each other through my mind. The questions: “What if I hadn’t flipped my phone index. I wouldn’t be rejoicing now. I had not sent her a card or called in a while, so I could have just called — but I sent the card and the tract. I usually ask the Lord to help me choose the exact one that will uplift the recipient — and cards the same way — Then the timing, I probably mailed the card on the day he died — or the day before. It was not a sympathy card, just a “friend” card. I couldn’t have known even if I had seen the obituary, because I never knew her maiden name. And then the postman (thank you, whoever you are) to get it there at that particular time. Is our Heavenly Father the Master choreographer or not? I say He is. If you don’t agree, read the Book of Esther….

Thank you, Nora.

From Bits and Pieces and More by Helen Gobble, p. 81



  1. God’s timing is always perfect. It is such an awesome feeling to be included in the circle of answered prayer – especially when our actions precede the actual moment of prayer.

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