Helen Gobble was born on Thanksgiving Day in 1925. This is an exerpt from the autobiographical note on page 135 of her book:

My mother despaired of my life when I was six days old. I was choking with asthma.

My childhood memories are interspersed with traumatic attacks. I suffered attacks year round. I had one or more — sometimes six or seven in a month, lasting up to ten hours — and I could be heard struggling for breath throughout our small house.

With asthma, you feel you are breathing through a “needle’s eye.” You wheeze and rattle, and any exertion intensifies the ordeal. The constant effort to get air into your lungs makes muscles sore, pain becomes severe, intense. Your head aches, your throat is dry, your chest seems near bursting. You clutch whatever is near you for support, your knuckles turn white, and your hands cramp.

Somewhere in my “little girl” past, I remember my grandmother urging me to hold a lump of alum in my mouth, thinking it might help. She promised me a boiled duck egg if I would do it. I got my egg, but my poor grandmother never knew what killed her lovely potted plant.!

Helen Gobble did not die with asthma or any associated illness; on the eve of publication of Bits and Pieces and More, she is 79 years old. She worked for thirty years in retail sales, served in the church and continues to do so, and watched five children grow to adulthood. Two of her children are pastors of churches, one other has a ministerial degree, one has a career in education, and one is retired from the U.S. Air Force. She has 12 grandchildren, sixteen great-grandchildren, and one great-great grandchild.

This inspiring book is a collection of pieces written over her lifetime — poems, stories, plays presented in her church and women’s group, song lyrics, and memories.

Bits and Pieces and More
Collected poems, stories, skits, short inspirational pieces, and song lyrics by Helen Gobble. This book reflects a lifetime of Bible study and Christian service  in the thoughtful piecing together of God’s Word and everyday living. Sketches and illustrations in the book are by the author.

Print: $14.99
Download: $7.46


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